I’m doing this poster for some kind of board game event near my hometown ! gentils regards.
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Jeonju, South Korea by ulanalee 1|2|3 


クリーニング専科 店舗デザイン
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Hakusan Park – The Stone Lantern

Behind the twisted tree, a stone path leads into the water. Fishes are swimming around the lantern. After this last sketch, we wander in some old fashioned streets and enter a bookstore to stare at cool Art books. When we exit, the night is falling so we head to the station where a green train bring us back to our blue house.


In Medias Res by Teja Ream

In medias res, translates from Latin as “in the middle of things”, a literary device used to suggest a crucial point where transformation is made. 


Frozen cherry


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It sucks that there are only around 20 Studio Ghibli films to watch! So below I’ve quickly compiled a list of 20 more Anime films (in no order) not made by Studio Ghibli that have something similar to Ghibli in quality which I’ve really enjoyed. Some are made by Miyazaki’s peers & some made more…

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Canvas  by  andbamnan